Neckties with logo; They will be back!

In the past it was mostly larger companies who ordered ties for their employees. This was especially for employees with a representative function, who wore ties for fairs and conferences...

Two-tone neckties new at

Two-tone jaquard woven neckties. Luxury ties by Profuomo.
New luxury ties
The range of luxury ties has been expanded to include timeless two-tone ties in a variety of colours.

Ties trends spring 2021

Which type of tie you wear is not really subject to trends. It mainly has to do with your posture, what suits the time of year, the occasion and of course what you like

Combine a tie with a jumper

That a tie can be worn with just a shirt or in combination with a suit is now a thing of the past.

Ties and pocket squares for the holidays

It is customary to look out your best outfit during the holidays, and we like to help you complete it with our festive ties and pocket squares.

New knitted neckties at

Neckties are being worn more often and are becoming more popular again, and for this reason, we have added to our range of polyester neckties.

Trendy beanies and warm men's scarves

Where E.L. Cravatte has excelled in the well-known men's accessories such as ties, bow ties, braces and cufflinks for many years, the range has been extended with winter accessories.

Neck ties summer trends 2020

In fashion cities like Milan and Paris, the temperature can also reach up to 35 degrees in the middle of summer and the fashionable business men in these cities wear...

How do I combine a pocket square with my tie

With a pocket square you can give your outfit a personal touch in no time. This can be a striking accent by means of a vibrant choice of colour or...

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