Combine a tie with a jumper

Combine a tie with a jumper

That a tie can be worn with just a shirt or in combination with a suit is now a thing of the past.


Take your daily outfit to the next level and combine a tie with a shirt under a jumper. 

How do you combine a tie with a jumper?

For an elegant combination, we recommend combining a tie with a plain shirt and a matching jumper. For example, do you wear a knitted jumper with different colours or a design? If so, you can choose an accent colour from the jumper and match it to the colour of the necktie. Preferably a plain necktie. In this way your outfit will match and you are guaranteed to make an impression.

What type of necktie fits under a jumper

What type of necktie fits under a jumper?

To combine a tie with a jumper, it is preferable to use a tie made of a smooth material. Use a slim knot for a modern and stylish look. What type of jumper do you combine with a necktie? Not all jumpers are comfortable to wear in combination with a necktie. Preferably choose a jumper with a V-neck or a zip in the collar. With these types of jumpers there is enough space to combine any desired necktie.

Which colour of jumper you choose is of course entirely up to you.

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