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Finally, the tie is back

Finally the tie is back

The tie is back! Even with a new identity we can say.

While the necktie was part of the daily uniform of men with office jobs throughout the twentieth century, nowadays it is worn for a completely different purpose. Just when the masses ignore the necktie, it is the real style icons who like to wear the necktie. During the Paris Fashion Week, we regularly have seen the necktie on the catwalk. For both women and men!

With what kind of necktie, you can steal the show at this moment, we have picked it out for you and you can read it below!

Ties on the catwalk

Ties on the catwalk

Not only the mannequins on the catwalk wore this classic accessory, but also various style icons such as Negin Mirsalehi and Lena Mahfouf managed to wear the tie with great elegance during, among others, the Dior fashion show.

The trend on the catwalk was clear. Ties are worn ton sur ton, especially in bright colours, like fuchsia during the Valentino show. At Dior, however, they opted for a classic black tie.

Besides plain colours, Louis Vuitton showed the checkered pattern of the fashion house as a design on the tie, but also the classic striped tie is back in the picture.

The narrow tie is the way to go

Would you like to go along with the latest fashion? Then choose an extra narrow tie in a luxurious material. The tie with a width of 5 cm is currently being worn by the real style icons. In the 00's we chose for a wide one of 8.5 cm or wider, but now we see a lot more narrow ties. Put the wider ties back in your closet and choose a 5 to 6.5 cm tie to join the current trend.

Identity of a necktieIdentity of a necktie

The tie still represents formality, but it's a perfect accessory to express your personal style. We see that men and woman with office jobs, like accountants, managers and bankers still massively opt for the tie (even if it's a bit wider, for example the most popular width at the moment; 7.5 cm).

The biggest change in the identity of the tie is in the fact that this classic accessory is chosen by the trendsetters among both men and women.

A previously mentioned narrow tie is then preferred. This is then tied nonchalantly around the neck for a looser and more supple effect.

The trendsetters among the women wear the tie especially in combination with, for example, a shirt with a low-cut neckline, on the skin, or in a blouse. It is striking that the women also wear the tie casually. So not as we are used to from our father and grandfather, tightly around the collar of a shirt.

If you want to combine a necktie as a man in a trendy way, nonchalant is also the code word. A narrow tie knotted creatively. The accessory no longer has to hang stiffly and straight down. Feel free to combine a tie with a denim jacket. In this way, you integrate the tie directly into your casual looks.

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