The scarf's comeback

The scarfs comeback

The scarf is back, but where did this trend come from, and will it make it into your wardrobe? 

The history of the men's scarf

Several trend watchers predict that after the pandemic, men will dress like they did in their twenties. In this period, the clothing style of men was a bit loose for the times they lived in. Nowadays, this style of clothing is seen as classic or neat. Besides the standard way of wearing a suit (jacket and tie), suits were styled in a loose way. Shirts were worn open, and the neck was decorated with a kind of scarf. The "choker" was introduced in this period. This accessory was called a neckerchief by the English, which is slightly different from a neckertie, which is a scarf tied like a necktie. The neckerchief eventually developed into a chic neck accessory. Often made of silk, polyester, or finely woven cotton. 

Men's scarf or tie

Whether the choker's comeback will make it into your wardrobe remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: a neck accessory is a must-have for next season. Whether you choose a scarf or a tie, both accessories are real fashion items! 

The character of the necktie is also changing. In the past it was only worn for business, and it radiated a certain authority, but now this accessory is back. After a turbulent period, we often see that the clothing style of professionals’ changes. Last year, the jogging suit was still widely worn because work was only done from home, but now that companies are opening their doors again, it is important to be taken seriously again. And what better way to do that than with a fine tailored suit and a nice shirt combined with a stylish tie. 

Men's scarf

In addition to the classic men's silk scarf, we are also seeing a lot of cotton scarves on the streets now. A type of men's handkerchief knotted like a necktie is a style that is already fully accepted. This accessory is often worn by men who usually dress casually. Such a scarf is often combined with a casual shirt or denim jacket. 

Combining a men's scarf with a tie Combining a mens scarf with a tie

Do you like to wear a tie but feel the need to wear a scarf this winter season? Of course, you can. Then choose a warm men's scarf that is primarily worn functionally with a jacket. In our webshop you will find a wide range of warm men's scarves in different materials. Available in various trendy winter colours.

Scarves more for ladies?

The choker or men's scarf has, just like other statement accessories such as jewelry, a somewhat feminine character for most men and we don't find that surprising. We see that scarves are also worn more often by women. For women there are also endless possibilities for the knotting of such a scarf. You can easily combine a scarf with a white blouse, as an accessory in your hair or on your bag.

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