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Necktie Tenue de Ville

Necktie Tenue de Ville

Are you wondering if you can wear a tie to the dress code Tenue de Ville? Then this blog is for you. Read on quickly.


What is Tenue de Ville

Tenue de Ville is an appellation of a dress code. The dress code Tenue de Ville stands for city clothes. We are not talking about the city clothes that reflect the street scene of today, but city clothes that used to be worn on the streets. The term Tenue de Ville originates from France. Tenue de Ville is a chic dress code often used during weddings or receptions. Another name that you often see used for Tenue de Ville these days is Modern-Chique.

With the Tenue de Ville dress code, it is important to wear a balanced outfit. Especially not too flashy and preferably wear a two-piece suit. A tailored suit in a dark and traditional colour is what goes well with Tenue de Ville. If you like to colour outside the lines, a combination of different suit colours is also an option, but keep the colours balanced, for example beige trousers with a dark brown jacket. Wear a light shirt under your suit. A white or light blue shirt is a good choice. To make your outfit Tenue de Ville proof, it is important to match your belt and shoes. This creates a unified look.


Does a tie go with Tenue de Ville?

The answer is: yes! A tie should not be missing with your outfit if the dress code is Tenue de Ville. As mentioned earlier in this article, it is important that your outfit is a whole and has a calm look. Therefore, choose a tie that matches your suit. Preferably a shade lighter. On a white or light blue shirt, the tie will stand out well, making your look 100% Tenue de Ville proof and beautifully subtle. For this dress code, it is preferable to choose a plain tie or a tie with a subtle design. An eye-catching print or coarse stripe does not go well with Tenue de Ville. 


Wearing socks with Tenue de Ville

Of course, it is customary to wear socks under your suit. Preferably a luxury sock that matches the colour of your suit. By a luxury sock, we mean one that is slightly airier and more transparent. After all, this makes for a luxurious and elegant look.


Tenue de Ville tips

All discussed Tenue Ville rules briefly.  

  •  Preferably wear a 2-piece suit;
  •  Dark and traditional colours are preferred;
  •  Wear a light shirt under your suit;
  •  Match your belt and shoes well;
  •  Wear luxury socks, matching the colour of your suit;
  •  A tie is an indispensable accessory. Preferably a plain tie or a tie with a subtle design in a lighter colour than your suit.
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