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Neckties with logo; They will be back!

Neckties with logo They will be back

Ties with the logo of a company or organisation, everyone knows them. If you are or have been a salesman, this was probably part of your standard outfit. Nowadays it's not "standard" anymore, ties with a logo provide a distinctive look!

Ties with logo no longer only for big companies

In the past it was mostly larger companies who ordered ties for their employees. This was especially for employees with a representative function, who wore ties for fairs and conferences for example. 

Nowadays, ties with logo are no longer just reserved for the larger companies and organisations. More and more often we receive requests from small to medium-sized companies. The logo no longer needs to be prominent on the tie. Often, the logo is subtly incorporated into the tie. In this way, the tie can also be worn privately.

Besides companies and organisations, the necktie remains popular with clubs and associations. Every year there are many student associations who want to have a tie with the logo of the association, the house or the event that is organised. Sports clubs also increasingly use neckties with a logo or in the 'club colours'. The tie is less often an obligatory item of clothing on match days, but it is increasingly visible at events organised by the club. In this way, you can still show which association or club you belong to and that you are proud of it!

The reasons: minimum purchase & emerging trends

There are several reasons why more and more smaller and medium-sized companies, organisations and clubs choose ties with a logo. One of the reasons is the minimum order which has decreased over the years. It is possible to have your logo printed on a tie from our current assortment with a minimum order of 10 pieces! You can read more about this on our page about printing neckties. 

Custom weaving of neckties is also more and more popular. In the past this was only possible from 100 pieces upwards, but thanks to new techniques it is now possible to have custom-made neckties from 30 pieces upwards. This is a good development because custom-woven neckties give the best result.  
The cause of the minimum order quantity has mainly to do with the minimum number of meters of fabric that has to be woven. This amount of fabric has decreased significantly over the years. It is also possible to use the fabric in combination with various accessories, for example: 

Suppose you are part of a small board, fraternity, year club or group of friends. You can then combine accessories to achieve the minimum purchase of 30 pieces. For example, 15 ties and 15 pocket squares. These are then made from the same fabric that is specially woven for you.

In the example given, an all-over design is the most beautiful weaving method. First, the fabric is woven in the desired design. The accessories are then made from this. In addition to ties and pocket squares, these can also be bows, braces, cufflinks and ladies' scarves. 

Besides the fact that the minimum purchase quantities have gone down, we also see a trend within the catering industry and SMEs. Cocktail bars, coffee bars, bakeries, flower shops and boutique hotels are increasingly providing their staff with ties. The ladies wear an extra narrow version and the men wear a somewhat wider model. The ties are increasingly combined with braces and alternate with a bow tie. The ladies often wear narrower braces than the men. 

Another trend we see is that car dealers distinguish themselves by means of the tie. When introducing a new model, for example, the colour of the tie is matched to the colour of the new model on display in the showroom. These are often striking and bold colours. Fortunately, we have more than enough colours in our range. If we don't carry the colour, then it's possible to have the ties and/or other accessories specially woven in a desired colour, starting from 30 pieces.

The possibilities of ties with a logo The possibilities of ties with a logo

Earlier we mentioned that the logo used to be as big and clear as possible on the tie however, this is no longer the case. Nowadays you can incorporate the logo into a tie in various ways. Especially the custom weaving of neckties offers many possibilities. 

For instance, you can choose to have the logo woven into the tie in an all-over design. In this way, the logo is not immediately visible but can still be seen from a closer look. 

In addition, you can also choose to have a logo or text in the lining of the tie. This way, the logo is not immediately visible and any colour, design or stripe can be chosen. The tie can also be worn privately. 

Even more subtle is to provide the tie with a customized label. The label will be attached to the back of the tie. This label can be removed without damaging the necktie, so it is no longer visible when the event or occasion has passed. 

Of course it is still possible to have the logo woven or printed in one place on the tie. It doesn't matter how many colours the logo has, for every logo a suitable solution can be found.

Handy to know

  • Delivery time for printed ties is +/- 2 weeks;
  • Delivery time for custom-made woven neckties is +/- 4 weeks;
  • Various materials are possible (e.g. polyester, silk, cotton, linen);
  • Express deliveries are possible; ask for the possibilities.

Are you looking for ties with a logo for a company, organisation, association or club, please contact us and ask about the possibilities. We are happy to be of service. 


Is the delivery time too long and do you need ties or other accessories quickly? We have an extensive collection of accessories in many colours and designs. These are often in stock in large numbers and can be shipped quickly.

I would like to thank you for the prompt service you provided. The men in the group looked amazing and the colour of the ties matched their waistcoats perfectly. Thank you
Karen Nugent
The Braces are superb so good I bought another pair, excellent quality, don’t know how I managed to do without them, great items highly recommend
Steve Cawthorne

Great selection of braces, good quality products, so comfortable to wear, no cutting in, a really great service, good fast delivery highly recommend Top !!

Steve Cawthorne
Great service, good communication, delivery was excellent, so very pleased we ordered from this company, I was so pleased with my item, I ordered another pair, so therefore we highly recommend
Steve Cawthorne
I have purchased several braces from E.L.Cravatte now and always received excellent service and excellent braces. Highly recommended.
Steen Doessing
I\'ve purchased mens braces here several times and the service has been excellent. Each time the items have been delivered to my UK address within 3 days which is very good even for UK Second Cass post. Items of course have also been of excellent quality and style/design. Highly recommended.
Steen Doessing

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