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New in our assortment: Caps

New in our assortment Caps

The cap is the fashion item of 2021 and we at Ties4him.co.uk have of course anticipated on this.

Wearing caps

The time that a cap or baseball cap could only be worn during a sporting activity is now past. The cap is now a real fashion item. Caps are worn in men's as well as women's fashion. A cap or a baseball cap can easily be combined with any outfit. Whether you go for a casual look or a more business-like look, we see that caps are back in fashion. 

The cap and its functionality The cap and its functionality

Before we talk about the function of the cap, let's have a quick look at its history. Historically, baseball caps were worn by baseball players to keep the sun out of their eyes during the game. Caps with club logos were sold to fans so that they could contribute to the club's 'coffers'. In addition, the supporters could show which club or team they supported. Nowadays, caps are not only worn on the sports field. However, they still have that handy function of keeping the sun out of your face. 

Nowadays, we are increasingly well-informed about the negative effects that the sun can have on our eyes and skin. Besides applying a good sun block to your skin and wearing sunglasses with a UV filter, we are all increasingly aware of the need to protect our skin and therefore our face as well. A cap offers the extra protection from the sun that you need. It will therefore come as no surprise that the sale of caps and hats has increased enormously throughout the world in recent years.

Besides keeping the sun out of your face, a cap is also a good choice to wear during a snowstorm or rainstorm. It also keeps your face and hair dry. For the ladies among us this is an extra nice feature. They don't have to worry about a runny mascara or a rained-out hairdo. 

What does a cap do?

A cap protects your face and eyes from external influences such as the sun, as mentioned above. This way the sun has less chance to cause damage. During a day at the beach, an outdoor activity, a nice boat trip or a ride in a convertible, a cap offers protection! In fact, none of these activities can be done without a cap or hat these days. Preferably one of good quality and without too much fuss. Many caps nowadays are 'plain', without large logos. There is one exception, however: the well-known snap-back caps often still feature logos and larger texts. 

Caps from E.L. Cravatte

As you may expect from us, the classic caps from our collection are also of a good, luxurious quality and at a very competitive price! The caps are made of 100% cotton. The cotton ensures that the cap is wonderfully airy to wear even on hot days. The cotton caps have a brushed finish and are finished with luxurious bronze-coloured details that give the caps a luxurious look.

Besides the fact that the caps are made of high-quality material, they are, like many accessories we sell, easy to combine with other accessories from our collection. Would you like to bring out an accent colour in your outfit? Then choose socks, braces and/or a bow tie in the same colour as the cap. You can easily combine E.L. Cravatte accessories with each other. You can choose accessories in the same colour, but of course you can also combine them in different colours or shades. 


Size of caps

E.L. Cravatte caps are available in one size and are universal. The size of caps can easily be adjusted by reducing or increasing the strap at the back of the cap. The caps are suitable for adults and, of course, for any gender. 

Washing a cap

If you wear a cap regularly, you may wonder whether it wouldn't be better to wash it. This is possible with our caps, and it is very fresh. 

However, do not wash your cap in the washing machine. As the visor is lined with a hard material, we cannot predict what a machine wash will do to the fit and visor of the cap. Also, the metal parts of the cap may discolour after a longer wash or too aggressive detergent. Therefore, preferably wash your cap by hand in lukewarm water and a tablespoon of baking soda or a small amount of mild detergent. Soak the cap in the water for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it carefully with cold water. Air dry the cap, but don't hang it in the sun. By not leaving the cap to dry in the sun, you prevent it from discolouring. 

View the range of caps here 

Caps for your company, club, or group of friends

Are you looking for caps for your group of friends, club or company and are you interested in buying a larger number of caps? Please feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities. 

Starting from 50 pieces we can have caps made especially for you in a desired colour and with a personalized label. We can also supply our caps with a logo. 

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First class service. First class communication. First class products. What more can I say!
Tessa Eames
Excellent tie, silky soft material and extra long as advertised. Allows taller folk to tie knots that use more length.
Thrilled with the tie….absolutely perfect colour and quality. Service and delivery were without fault. About to order two further ties!
Tessa Eames
Excellent service and quality. I ordered replacement leather ends for braces. They arrived within a few days and I am very satisfied.
Sometimes the quality of on line purchases is not what is claimed. This company seems to be honest and what it says is what you get.
Robert Little
I attend many motorsport awards yearly and wanted some braces that were in fitting. These were just prefect.
Quality is of the highest standard and beautifully made. Very pleased with my purchase.
Order process was simple, delivered in a timely manner and communication was good.
I’d highly recommended and would definitely order again in future.
Julian Batten-Dale
I ordered a pair of braces for my husband as part of his Christmas gift. He was over the moon with them and they are of really lovely quality. The colours in the two-tone set I chose go really well together and he\'s already worn them multiple times over the holidays. Delivery was also very quick!
Ffion Williams-Cormany

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