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Rugby and Ties


Ties are inextricably linked to rugby and its occasions. Think of anniversaries, dinners and other festivities. But above all the club ties are a must before and after the game. By wearing the tie members’ of the team are easy to recognize. We have even been told that it is compulsory for many teams to wear the club tie on the aforementioned occasions.

Rugby tie3

The history

What you may not have known is that around 1870, the kit was fitted with a bow tie. The bow tie was worn in combination with a shirt, with a vest over it. In today's rugby it is difficult to imagine how it would be possible to keep the bow tie intact! The somewhat impractical, but very chic kit has made way for a sportier variant, in which the bow tie has been lost to the super-strong, breathable and elastic shirts that we see today in almost all (field) sports. However, it is not that a chic accessory has completely disappeared in rugby. Where bow ties were previously worn during the competition, many teams now wear ties after the competition.

A rugby player wears his club tie or bow tie with pride. The accessories are seen as a trophy. The bows or ties are sometimes exchanged with those of opponents. There are even teams where you have to earn your accessory. You must first undergo an initiation before you can wear the tie or bow of the club.

Rugby club ties with a logo

You can imagine that every team likes to wear its own unique club tie or club bow tie. They don't want to bump into an opponent with the same tie or bow tie. This is what we at Ties4him.co.uk can assist you with. From 10 pieces, we can provide any of the accessories on our website, printed with your club logo.

If you are looking for accessories for the entire club, then a customised accessory is the best option. From 30 pieces, we can provide custom ties woven and / or bow ties. The logo is then woven into the fabric instead of printed on the fabric.

Often a striped tie is chosen. Specifically, in many cases customers opt for a tie with broad stripes in the colours of the team.

Do you want something different than the iconic bow tie and / or tie for your team? No problem. We also have pocket squares, men’s braces, cufflinks in our range with which we are happy to be of service.

We would like to honour the tradition within the rugby culture with you!

We already provide accessories for various rugby clubs within Europe and would welcome the opportunity to work with you also!

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First class service. First class communication. First class products. What more can I say!
Tessa Eames
Excellent tie, silky soft material and extra long as advertised. Allows taller folk to tie knots that use more length.
Thrilled with the tie….absolutely perfect colour and quality. Service and delivery were without fault. About to order two further ties!
Tessa Eames
Excellent service and quality. I ordered replacement leather ends for braces. They arrived within a few days and I am very satisfied.
Sometimes the quality of on line purchases is not what is claimed. This company seems to be honest and what it says is what you get.
Robert Little
I attend many motorsport awards yearly and wanted some braces that were in fitting. These were just prefect.
Quality is of the highest standard and beautifully made. Very pleased with my purchase.
Order process was simple, delivered in a timely manner and communication was good.
I’d highly recommended and would definitely order again in future.
Julian Batten-Dale
I ordered a pair of braces for my husband as part of his Christmas gift. He was over the moon with them and they are of really lovely quality. The colours in the two-tone set I chose go really well together and he\'s already worn them multiple times over the holidays. Delivery was also very quick!
Ffion Williams-Cormany

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