Spring and Summer tie trends 2020

Tie Trends 2020 Blog

Neckties are a nice accessory to go along with your outfit and as the fashion trends change, so to do the styles. With a necktie you can create a new look in no time that completely fits within the trends for spring and summer.


Tie, which colour do you choose?

Every season there are different colour lines that are trendy. In 2020 the trends are quite diverse. One of the central themes this year is the colour blue. Perhaps not the most vibrant colour, but it's the combination of different shades that makes it exciting and hip. Which shade of blue tie you choose depends on what you're wearing. If you're wearing a dark blue suit, choose a blue shirt with a light blue tie.

Tip: combine different shades of blue that are close together for a chic ton-sur-ton look.

In addition to the ton-sur-ton look, this year's bright colours should not be forgotten. The combination here is also important. Do you want to wear your suit contemporary? Combine a beige or sand coloured suit with a white shirt and a bright pink or dark blue tie. This extreme colour contrast provides the modern look.

Tie Trends 2020

Necktie, a trendy width

Neckties come in various widths. In the 80’s neckties with a width of 9 cm or more were hip. Nowadays, you don't see this width much. In 2020 you choose the width of your necktie mainly by feeling and personal taste. If you are taller than 6ft, then a necktie with a width of 7.5 cm is a good choice. If you have a small, slim build we would suggest a narrow or an extra narrow necktie. If you are of a heavier build, we would recommend a 7.5 cm wide tie. Are you taller than 6 ft 6? If so, we would advise you to choose an extra-long tie. These ties have the regular width of 7.5 cm but have a length of 165 cm. This is approximately 15 cm longer than the other ties.

Neckties in different materials

In these times, where people are taking environmental factors into consideration when making decisions, we are seeing more demand for natural materials. Linen and silk ties are therefore a good option as both made of a natural material.

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