Ties trends spring 2021

Ties trends spring 2021

Which type of tie you wear is not really subject to trends. It mainly has to do with your posture, what suits the time of year, the occasion and of course what you like

The colour of your tie, on the other hand, is subject to trends. Which colours are best to wear this spring we tell you in this article.

Orange and yellow ties

Two accent colours you'll see a lot of this spring are warm yellow and orange. These two main colours are found in various warm tones. Think of warm yellow, rust-coloured and a pastel shades of yellow. These colours are perfect to match any colour of suit. If you like to wear a dark blue suit, a rust coloured tie will look great with it in early spring. You can also combine a pastel yellow tie with a light grey or beige suit for a fresh spring look.

Ties in cool tones

Ties in cool tones

If warm colours aren't your favorite, fortunately you can also choose trendy cool tones. Ice blue and mint green, for example, are the fashion colours for spring 2021. For a really hip look, pair an ice blue tie with a white shirt and a denim suit. A mint green tie goes very well with a light grey suit.

Coral colored tie

A real standout among the trend colours this season is the coral colored tie. We think this colour is suitable for every occasion and you can easily combine it with your favourite suit.
Do you want to complete this look? Then combine other accessories in the same colour with your outfit. For example, matching socks or a handkerchief.

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