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Trend colours autumn 2022. Also, for your tie

Trend colours autumn 2022. Also for your tie.

Every season several trend watchers choose several fashion colours that will colour the streetscape. With this article you too can wear a trendy tie in the fashion colour(s) of the coming season.

Fashion colours are always supported by various trend watchers with fancy eye-catching names. Don't let this get you down. We have elaborated these fashion colours for you in an overview with matching colours from our assortment. 

Basic colours for your suit

Basic colours for your suit

Every year, we also see some shifts in basic colours. In autumn 2022, for example, we will see lighter shades as the basis of your outfit. The somewhat pale colours are divided into 5 colour themes. Think of cool and warm light beige, anthracite, sage green and concrete grey. These colours have also been given striking names by trend watchers: artic wolf, autumn blond and lead forest. The fashion colours that spice up your outfit are mainly inspired by the 90s and are certainly surprising.

Midnight - Sapphire Blue Necktie Midnight trendkleur27

The fashion colour midnight is a beautiful dark blue. The colour of the night at full moon because it's not a midnight blue. This shade of blue is a somewhat soft dark blue that combines beautifully with grey. Oscar de la Renta and Loewe have already gone before you. Choose the sapphire blue tie if you're ready to follow this trend. 


Water sprout trendkleur28Waterpout - Aqua Necktie

Waterspout, which translates to "waterspout", is a light aqua hue that can be a chic combination with a light grey or dark blue suit. If you are looking for a clothing accessory in this colour, we recommend the aqua or turquoise colour from our range.


Samoan Sun - Yellow tie Samoan Sun trendkleur27

A warm yellow tone that reminds us of the first signs of sunset on a warm autumn day. This yellow colour was already used by Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci in the 2022 collection. If you want an accessory in this trendy hue, choose this yellow tie.


Lava Falls Trendkleur27Lava Falls - Dark Red Necktie

Lava Falls is a beautiful deep red colour. A shade of red with a warm brown undertone. If you want a tie in a shade like Lava Falls, the dark red tie from our assortment is the perfect choice. This colour can easily be combined with a dark blue or brown suit. Lava Falls is a typical autumn colour.


Rose Violet - Violet Satin Necktie rose violet trendkleur28

Rose Violet is certainly a striking colour. A colour that catches the eye and might not be for everyone. If you're looking for a tie in this striking colour, our violet satin tie probably fits your expectations perfectly. Are you daring?


Martini olive trendkleur30Martini Olive - Necktie Olive Green

We think the fancy name covers the load right away. A soft olive-green colour that you can also find in our assortment and not only in the form of a tie. This colour has been very popular for several years and is available in various accessories such as bow ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and braces.


Caramel Café - Light Brown Necktie caramel cafe trendkleur28

To finish off, the fashion colour Caramel Café. It's a fancy name for camel or light brown. A warm light brown shade like cognac or caramel. If you are looking for a clothing accessory in this colour, look at our light brown tie. In our opinion, a perfect fashion colour for autumn 2022.


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Tessa Eames
Excellent tie, silky soft material and extra long as advertised. Allows taller folk to tie knots that use more length.
Thrilled with the tie….absolutely perfect colour and quality. Service and delivery were without fault. About to order two further ties!
Tessa Eames
Excellent service and quality. I ordered replacement leather ends for braces. They arrived within a few days and I am very satisfied.
Sometimes the quality of on line purchases is not what is claimed. This company seems to be honest and what it says is what you get.
Robert Little
I attend many motorsport awards yearly and wanted some braces that were in fitting. These were just prefect.
Quality is of the highest standard and beautifully made. Very pleased with my purchase.
Order process was simple, delivered in a timely manner and communication was good.
I’d highly recommended and would definitely order again in future.
Julian Batten-Dale
I ordered a pair of braces for my husband as part of his Christmas gift. He was over the moon with them and they are of really lovely quality. The colours in the two-tone set I chose go really well together and he\'s already worn them multiple times over the holidays. Delivery was also very quick!
Ffion Williams-Cormany

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