Trendy beanies and warm men's scarves

Trendy beanies en warm mensscarves

The assortment at has been complemented with wonderfully warm men's scarves and trendy men's beanies.

Where E.L. Cravatte has excelled in the well-known men's accessories such as ties, bow ties, braces and cufflinks for many years, the range has been extended with winter accessories. These men's scarves and beanies are indispensable accessories during the colder months.

Trendy beanies

We all want a warm head when it gets colder outside. E.L. Cravatte's beanies are made of a soft material and are coarsely knitted. These trendy beanies go well with the E.L. Cravatte men's scarves.

Scarves for men

Now that winter is approaching and we are starting to dress warmer again, scarves for men are a good addition to the basic wardrobe. The men's scarves by E.L. Cravatte are available in classic colours and trendy prints. Plain scarves for men If you are looking for a plain scarf to wear with your jacket or winter coat, you have come to the right place at

These scarves are available in timeless colours and are made from wonderfully soft and high quality material. Plain scarves are available in beige, burgundy, dark blue, light blue and black.

Scarves with a classic paisley print

Paisley print designs have been used in men's fashion for centuries. You can find it in many different accessories and now also scarves. The scarves with paisley print are available in dark blue, red and dark green. This winter scarf in paisley print gives your outfit a classic and stylish look in no time.

Men's scarves with stripes pattern

For a more maritime look, choose a lovely soft scarf with a striped pattern. The scarves with this trendy design are available in dark blue and red.

Scarves Floral motif for men

Does a striking and cheerful motif suit you? If so, the men's scarves with a floral motif are for you. These are available in dark blue, red and green. With this scarf you can give a simple outfit a cheerful and fashionable look.

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