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Two tone neckties

Two-tone jaquard woven neckties. Luxury ties by Profuomo.

New luxury ties

The range of luxury ties has been expanded to include timeless two-tone ties in a variety of colours. These luxury ties are woven from high quality silk and have a smooth lining for a luxurious look.

Ties with two tone weave

A two-tone weave is a jaquard weave. In a two-tone fabric a structure is created by using 2 colours of yarn. The fine structure makes sure that the fabric has a lively look without having a clear motive. Two-tone ties are easy to combine because of the two different colours that create a subtle tone.

Luxury ties with matching pocket squares

Profuomo's latest luxury ties are also available with luxury pocket squares in the same two-tone weave and colours.

Combining two-tone ties

The nice thing about wearing a tie with a two-tone weave is that it's easy to combine. Because of the two different colours the tie doesn't have one strong colour, but several shades. You can use Profuomo's luxurious red tie as an eye-catcher with a suit when the dress code is pink.

Style this tie with a classic tie pin and put a fresh white pocket square in the chest pocket of your jacket. A two-tone tie can be combined in countless ways. Choose a contrasting colour or style a dark blue suit with a dark blue tie.

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Combining two tone ties

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