Extra Personalisation’s

Our ties are supplied as a standard in a length of 148 cm and a width of 7.4 cm. The ties have a jacquard counter lining, a passantino and a '100% silk' or '100% polyester' label. In addition, there are plenty of options to further personalise the tie. Look at our projects and references for an overview of our projects for more inspiration.

An overview of the options


In the design, the logo can either be processed all over e.g. the logo is repeated in the fabric or placed at 1 location.

custom tie3 

Custom label

On the back the tie can be provided with a custom woven label.

custom label22

Basting thread

Contrasting basting thread and stitching give the tie a luxurious and personal finishing touch.

detail necktie


At the back of the tie the lining is visible in the tip of the tie. This tipping can be provided with a woven or printed logo.

opposition necktie



Our ties come with a sturdy lining as standard. If desired, a thicker lining can be placed in the ties, so that the tie feels fuller.

logo all over3


For a playful effect, the blade of the tie can be finished in a contrasting colour.

blade necktie

Silk or polyester

Silk is a natural product; polyester is a synthetic fabric. Silk has a richer appearance than polyester. Polyester ties on the other hand, are easier to clean and cheaper to purchase.

polyester or silk 0

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