Light Green Tie - Silk

art.num. STD-E-065
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This beautiful light green silk tie is a fine addition to your basic wardrobe. Light green can be combined with either businesslike dark gray or dark blue suits or worn casually with rugged chinos. Wear it for business meetings, social gatherings or parties. light green can be worn all year round - summer and winter - and makes for a stylish soft touch to any outfit. This timeless plain tie with smooth lining is made from a soft, high-quality rib woven silk, allowing the tie to be easily tied and stay in place. Complement your outfit with a pair of light green cufflinks or a stylish pocket square. We also have light green ladies scarves and bow ties available to match your tie, ideal for companies and club events.

  • Colour: Green
  • Brand: E.L.Cravatte
  • Material: 100% silk
  • Width: 2.90 inch
  • Length: 59"

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