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Are cheap ties worth it?

The answer to this question is personal, but there is no doubt that there are differences between cheap and expensive ties.

The biggest difference is the quality of the fabric from which the ties are woven. With cheap ties, cheaper materials such as polyester or cotton will be chosen, while more luxurious ties are woven from silk, wool, or linen. Ties woven from cheaper materials are often more durable as they are less prone to staining and easier to clean. However, in terms of appearance, these cheaper ties do not match the luxury variants that have a luxurious appearance because of the slightly shiny material, the structure and how the tie "falls". In addition, the natural materials of the more luxurious ties breathe better than polyester ties.

Cheap silk ties

Ties are often woven from silk and even within this category of ties there are major price differences. For example, in the case of a cheap silk tie, the quality of the material is lower. Cheap silk has less shine, is more susceptible to damage, the material is thinner, and it is printed with a lower quality.

With cheap ties, weaving mills will use as little fabric as possible, which will also lead to damage more quickly when tying a tie. This also applies to the interlining, which is the lining of the tie. With cheap ties, a cheap material such as polyester will be chosen. This leads to a stiffer tie that will fall less nicely. With a more expensive tie, the material of the interlining will be carefully adapted to the appearance and wearing comfort of the customer.

Do you see the difference between a cheap and expensive tie?

Unworn, the price difference can often be seen by paying attention to the texture and shine of the material. However, the difference can also be recognized when a tie is worn by paying attention to the knot. Cheap ties are more difficult to tie and lose their knot faster.

Is a cheap tie recommended?

This mainly depends on your budget, how often you expect to wear the tie and the occasion where the tie will be worn. If your budget allows it and you think you will wear the tie more often, we always recommend a silk tie. Wearing a silk tie is also recommended for one-time use where you like to look well dressed, for example at a wedding! In the case of a wedding, the day still involves expenses and saving on a cheap tie, if you have the means, will unfortunately be the wrong form of frugality. Our collection consists of ties in various price ranges and for every budget, you can be sure that the price-quality ratio is always right!

I would like to thank you for the prompt service you provided. The men in the group looked amazing and the colour of the ties matched their waistcoats perfectly. Thank you
Karen Nugent
The Braces are superb so good I bought another pair, excellent quality, don’t know how I managed to do without them, great items highly recommend
Steve Cawthorne

Great selection of braces, good quality products, so comfortable to wear, no cutting in, a really great service, good fast delivery highly recommend Top !!

Steve Cawthorne
Great service, good communication, delivery was excellent, so very pleased we ordered from this company, I was so pleased with my item, I ordered another pair, so therefore we highly recommend
Steve Cawthorne
I have purchased several braces from E.L.Cravatte now and always received excellent service and excellent braces. Highly recommended.
Steen Doessing
I\'ve purchased mens braces here several times and the service has been excellent. Each time the items have been delivered to my UK address within 3 days which is very good even for UK Second Cass post. Items of course have also been of excellent quality and style/design. Highly recommended.
Steen Doessing

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