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How do you wear a Tie pin?

With this traditional, masculine accessory you can upgrade your outfit in one easy step. But gentlemen: it is not only great, it also has an essential, practical function. The tie pin is your friend when the unruly British weather is not. With your new tie pin you can say goodbye to all of those occasions when gusts of wind refashion your tie.

How do you wear a tie clip

How to you attach your tie pin:

  1. Place it between the 3rd and 4th button of your shirt (counted from the top). It will then reach your chest.
  2. Carefully slide it around, because a little crease in your silk tie is easily made.
  3. Don't forget to attach the tie pin to both your shirt and tie, otherwise the tie can move in all directions.
  4. Make sure it is attached horizontally, don’t let it sit askew, because it has a negative effect on your outfit instead of achieving your desired sophisticated result.

How do you wear a tie pin

Material, colour and shape

There are different models available with regard to colour and material. Think of tie pins of silver, gold or stainless steel, matte, glossy or with an engraved relief or imposed decoration. Tie pins are also ideal for companies that want to add a personal note to their outfit: from 100 pieces we produce tie pins customized with your company logo. When choosing the right colour you can take into account the jewelry, belt and cufflinks that you wear. For example, if you wear a silver watch, then a silver (coloured) tie pin is a good choice.

How big can your tie pin be?

For the length of the tie pin it is best to assume a ¾ of the width of your tie. To do this, measure the width of the tie at the level of the 3rd / 4th shirt button. Make sure that if you wear a skinny tie, your tie pin is really small and fine.

wear a tie pin

Can you see the two errors in this image? Not only is the tie pin too wide, the tie is also tied too long.

The History of the Tie Pin

In the early 20th century, the tie pin, consisting of a pin and a decorative piece, was worn to hold the plastron (something between a scarf and a tie) in place. Later the pin was tied in the knot of the tie. At this point the tie pin had no practical function, it was simply considered an elegant addition to their outfits. In the early 1950s, the tie pin as we know it was worn for the first time. This is a clip that is attached to your shirt and tie to hold the tie in place.

With a tie pin you can complete your suit, shirt and tie combination and give your outfit that finished touch. Buy at least a silver (coloured) and a gold (coloured) pair and you can wear them with all of your shirt, suit, tie combinations!

Prompt and courteous replies when asking for information regarding an order. The brown braces feel of high quality and look very smart. Looking forward to wearing them.
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Nice, good quality tie, delivered promptly. Perfect for the posh party I was going to.
Keith Ellis
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Very pleased.
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I was very impressed with the quality of the tie and delivery was very quick to overall very pleased will be recommending to friends and family
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