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How to clean your Tie?

Cleaning your tie? Before you close the soap drawer of your washing machine and choose the washing program, we advise you to read through the tips below. A silk tie cannot be washed in the washing machine! Our first tip is: prevention is better than cure -simply take the tie off at dinner or throw it over your shoulder. You could also invest in one of our tie pins to keep your tie out of that pesky pasta sauce! But, the fact that you are reading this article tells us that you have probably already passed that stage and would love to know how to get that stain out of your tie.

Wash tie 

Washing your Tie

Stain on your silk tie?

Silk is a delicate, fragile fabric and requires careful cleaning. Never wash your silk tie in the washing machine and avoid using water at all. Water usually only makes the stain worse. What do you need?

  • a cotton cloth (note that it is not a brightly colored cloth, because then the color might spread onto your silk tie)
  • cleaning spirit
  • a glass jar with a lockable lid
  • spilled a lot? Then you also need a spoon.

Carefully scrape away the worst dirt with a clean spoon. Then moisten your (plain cotton) cloth with a little bit of cleaning spirit and gently pat the tie clean. Rubbing damages the tie, so be patient and keep patting until the stain disappears. Then air the tie well so that the cleaning spirits evaporate.

And that glass jar? You can use it as a mini washing machine! Roll up your tie and put it in the pot. Pour some cleaning spirits in the pot and put the cover on the jar. And gently shake back and forth. Leave the tie in the pot for a day, the cleaning spirits will evaporate and remove the stain. Hang your tie neatly afterwards and let it air. You may think we are kidding, but this proven method has already rescued many ties from their stains. It's worth a try isn't it?

Another proven method when it comes to a grease stain is talcum powder. First try to remove the worst part with a clean spoon and then carefully sprinkle some talcum powder on the stain. Do not rub the powder in the tie, just let it rest on it. Talcum powder has the property of absorbing moisture and fat. After a few minutes, gently knock the talcum powder off your tie and repeat if necessary.

Don't let your tie dry in the sun, not even behind a sunny window. Silk fades quickly!

Do you have a polyester tie?

A polyester tie can take a beating, you can wash it well with a little warm water. If this does not help, add some detergent (without bleach). Are you not satisfied with the result? In the most extreme case you can wash your tie in the washing machine.

Can a tie go in the washing machine?

It is always preferable to remove stains by hand. If this does not work, the options depend on the material from which the tie is made.

Washing in the washing machine is never allowed for silk ties. Washing in a washing machine will affect the shape of the tie. In addition, silk is a delicate fabric that will lose its color, shine, and structure when washed in the washing machine. Wool is also a material that should be treated with care.

Polyester, cotton, and linen are materials that can take a little more, but we would still only recommend washing in the washing machine if manual removal of the stain is not possible and the tie can otherwise no longer be worn. When washing in the washing machine, it is important to use cold water, a mild detergent, and a protective bag. After washing, hang the tie and let it air dry.

Ironing a tie

Do you want to iron the tie? No problem! Always put a clean tea towel over the tie to protect it, because silk melts very quickly under an iron. Put the (steam) iron on position two and go over the tie carefully. Do not press too hard and rub gently at the place where the insert label (passantino) is. This way you prevent shiny spots on the tie. Also check out our 8 best tie knots to add some variation to your daily office outfit or be inspired by our tips to combine your tie with your suit.

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Tessa Eames
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