Length and width of the tie

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When making our ties, we not only pay attention to beautiful colors, materials and designs, we also take style into account. This means that you receive a tie according to current fashion, in the right width and the perfect style.

The Current Width of the Tie

The appearance of the tie changes over the years. Your grandfather wore a tie with a width of no less than 10 cm and appeared well dressed at work. The current fashion is between 7.3 and 7.8 cm. Our ties are therefore made in an ideal width of 7.5 cm.

We have also included a large assortment of narrow ties in our collection to provide variety for your wardrobe. These wildly popular ties have a width of 5 to 6.5 cm, dimensions are shown in the product details for each tie.In addition to the width, we also take the shape of the tie into account. You don't always notice it, but the fashion changes every year, very subtly, and with that the cut of the tie.

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The Current Length of the Tie

Men are getting taller and therefore need longer ties. In the past, and still in many countries in southern Europe, the standard length of ties is 145 cm. Ties4him produces ties in a fitting length of 148 - 150 cm. For the taller, broader man, we have put together a special collection of extra-long ties with length of 160 cm. The average Brit is best served by a tie with a length of 150 cm. If you pay attention to this when purchasing a new tie from us, you will find the effect much more flattering than off the shelf models.

The Quality of our Ties

We strive to offer a collection of the best possible quality and value. For example, both the inside and outside of our ties are made of high-calibre materials. We use first-class silk, wool or polyester, combined with a strong and at the same time flexible lining.

The majority of our collection is made up of silk ties. High-quality silk has been selected to give our ties their typical, luxurious shine. Because silk is a delicate, natural product, the correct fabric processing is selected with care. After extensive testing, we have developed an optimal weaving method, which creates a strong bond within the weaving pattern. By weaving this way, the tie keeps its shape and strength, even with intensive use. In addition to our extensive collection, we are also happy to be of service with personalized ties. Our ties are finished with an eye for detail so that our E.L. Cravatte neckties will become a lasting favorite of yours!

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