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Dress codes for wearing a tie

There are several dress codes where wearing a tie is appropriate. Here are some common dress codes where a tie may be appropriate

Tenue de Ville

Tenue de Ville is a dress code that refers to 'city dress' and is often used at formal business events, weddings, and cocktail parties. With the "Tenue de Ville" dress code, both men and women are expected to dress formally but not excessively chic. For men, this usually means wearing a well-fitting, dark dress suit with a matching dress shirt, a neat tie and leather shoes.

Women can opt for a neat dress, a skirt with a blouse or a pantsuit, combined with appropriate accessories and elegant heels. The emphasis is on a neat, elegant look without being overly chic. It is important to consider the occasion and the specific guidelines of the event.

Remember that Tenue de Ville refers to city dress, so it is important to look groomed, stylish, and respectable, appropriate to the occasion. 


The dress code cocktail is usually given to business dinners or social events, wearing a tie can contribute to a stylish and neat look. You then combine the tie with a well-fitting tailored suit and a shirt in an appropriate colour. Such an event can be enhanced with possibly themed colours, this is where you can match the tie. This way, you keep the complete outfit elegant.

During a cocktail event, women wear a cocktail dress, or a chic pantsuit combined with stylish accessories and heels. 

Business Formal

Business Formal is a formal dress code used in professional and business environments. For men, this usually means wearing a dark dress suit consisting of neat trousers and a matching jacket. The dress shirt is usually white or light blue and is paired with a classic tie such as a striped tie on a more subdued pattern. With this tailored suit, neat shoes are worn, preferably leather.

Women can choose dark dress trousers or skirts with a matching jacket or a formal dress for this dress code. Clothing should fit well and look professional, with subdued colours and classic styles preferred. Accessories should be discreet and appropriate.

Business Casual

Business casual is a less formal dress code often used in business environments. For men, this may mean that a suit is not mandatory, and they can opt for neat trousers or chinos combined with a dress shirt or a neat jumper. A tie is usually optional. Shoes can be casual, such as loafers or neat leather shoes.

Women have more flexibility regarding clothing choices and can choose, for example, neat trousers or skirts with a blouse, a dress shirt, or a jacket. Although the dress code is less formal, it is still important to look professional and well-groomed.

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