The history of the Tie

Who were the first men to wear ties? For the answer you have to go back no less than four hundred years in history.

the history of the tie

The most famous theory about the introduction of the tie starts with Europe’s 30 Year War (1618-1648). The best soldiers who fought for the French king were horsemen from Croatia. After the war, these soldiers were presented to King Louis XIV as heroes. They wore brightly colored silk cloths around their necks during this visit. Since Louis 14th himself was known as a fashion-conscious person, he was immediately enthusiastic about this style. At that time the "cravat" (derived from the word "Croat") was born and soon this garment became popular among the aristocrats throughout Europe.These first “cravats” were very difficult to tie and looked more like large and slackbow ties. The modern tie, as we know it today, was introduced in England at the end of the 19th century and became known as the “four-in-hand”. Want to know how to make a four in hand knot? Then read on here:tie knots.

This name "four-in-hand" is originally (from 1865) a term from the equestrian world. It is in fact the term for the reins with which one can connect four horses, so that one rider can put four horses in front of their car and keep them under control. It was the riders who practiced this way of riding that created a new style tie for themselves. This new tie was long and easier to tie. Since they did not give the design a special name, but were all connected to the four-in-hand cavalry, the design soon got the name "four-in-hand".

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