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How do I choose the right tie colour?

The choice of the colour of your tie depends on the occasion, the shirt and suit that you want to wear. On formal occasions such as business meetings and job interviews, it is best to choose a tie in a calm colour. For days at the office, when there are no important appointments with customers on the agenda, it is fun to opt for a tie with more spirit. For example, a nice striped design in purple and gray or a plain tie in lime green.

At a festive event, your tie can be chic and eye-catching-a satin silk tie is an excellent choice. This tie has a rich appearance, feels soft and has a smooth finish that subtly plays with the light. At a gala your best choice is a black or a white tie and for a less formal wedding party, you can definitely dare to pick a striking colour such as pink, orange or turquoise.

The choice of your tie determines the choice of your shirt and suit. When combining your tie, make sure that the colour of your tie is darker than your shirt and lighter or equal to the colour of your suit. An exception to this is a white tie, which works perfectly with a black shirt, for example. You can find more information about wearing colours by clicking on the links below. Every occasion and every personality requires a tie in a certain colour:

Blue Tie

Blue ties are one of the most worn variants. A blue tie stands for professionalism, calmness and self-confidence. People with a blue tie are often subconsciously attributed character traits such as skilled, professional and knowledge able.

The fashion world has known this for a long time and therefore often offer an extensive range of shirts and suits in a (dark) blue colour. Police uniforms and suits for the aviation business are also executed in dark blue.

In short, a blue tie is an excellent choice for formal occasions such as office days, meetings and other important appointments. Blue can also be worn on festive occasions, but take care of the specific colour blue and how it combines with your suit. Of course, you can also take a blue tie with a striking design out of the closet on non-formal occasions-for example with a paisley design or an all over flower pattern.

There are few suits with which a blue tie cannot be worn. With a gray, brown or black suit, a blue tie always looks good. A plain blue tie can be worn on a white or blue shirt. The shirt may be plain or with a stripe or check pattern. A striped blue tie can always be combined with a white or light blue shirt.

blue tie

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White Tie

White is an individual colour for a tie. Less common than blue or red, and a good investment for your wardrobe. With white you can upgrade your casual outfit easily giving it a trendy accent. For example, wear a narrow white tie with your checkered shirt and jeans. This looks strong and classy at the same time. A narrow white tie is also a perfect choice for an evening out or a drink with friends. Combine it with a white or a black shirt for extra contrast. Do you want to stand out even more? A pair of suspenders will complete your outfit.

A white tie is not often worn in the office. Feeling daring? Keep it calm and harmonious by matching your white tie with light tones and soft shades. Be sure not to wear a black shirt or choose a narrow tie. For example, go for a luxurious silk tie with a ribbed structure in cream white on a light blue shirt or a white shirt with a fine check.

About to tie the knot? (pun intended) Then the white tie comes into its own! Match the colour of your tie well with the colour of the dress. Will the wedding dress be ivory white? Then of course you also choose an ivory white tie. A clear white dress requires a crystal clear white tie. Incidentally, other colours are chosen, for example you can choose a tie in the theme colour of your wedding.

One is also expected to wear a tie on special and formal occasions such as a black tie event. We can see that this might lead you to thinking that you should appear with a black tie... but white is also completely in place. Combine a white pocket square with your suit and wear a pair of black suspenders to complete the look.

Finally, wearing a white tie is also very suitable for funerals. Where people used to prefer black, nowadays we see a lot of white (in addition to the cheerful colour trend to celebrate life). Opt for a dark suit and then a white tie for a funeral.

White tie

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Brown Tie

The colour brown is a typical autumn colour. The colour stands for simplicity, but also for cosiness and warmth. In almost every autumn range there is a lot of clothing in shades of brown.

Men who wear brown ties are generally warm, modest and confidence-inspiring. Depending on how the tie is combined, you radiate a message.

You can find many brown colour tones in ties. A dark brown tie is always a good choice, possibly in a stripe or all over pattern. A dark brown tie stands for stead fastness and simplicity. To prevent your outfit from being labeled as dull, you can opt for a brown tie in slim fit or satin silk for a subtle shine. A brown tie can be perfectly worn on a white, light blue or light pink shirt, with or without a striped or checked designs. If you opt for a brown tie interspersed with a different colour, then combine it with a plain shirt. A brown tie is not everyday and therefore gives a surprising effect.

A brown tie can be worn both during the day and in the evening. It can create a winning look for many types of occasions. For example a brown with blue striped tie, combined with a dark blue suit and white shirt at the office or a plain satin silk dark brown tie on a dark gray pinstripe suit and a crisp white shirt for a chic party. A brown pocket square in your jacket gives your outfit a festive finishing touch.

Brown tie

Yellow Tie

Yellow is the colour of the sun, it contains the most light of all colours. Men who wear yellow ties generally have a cheerful mood, are creative and versatile. A yellow tie looks great on men with a darker skin colour. Perhaps partly because of that, yellow ties are worn especially in the spring and summer. A pastel yellow tie can be slightly gold. A celebratory colour that can easily be combined with many shirts and suits. A bright yellow tint makes you stand out but this colour is less easy to combine. However, if you choose a white shirt, then you will have a great look.

Yellow ties can be worn well on many occasions. At the office you can opt for a solid yellow or stripe design yellow tie. Instead of opting for bright yellow, go for a calmer yellow. During festive occasions you can opt for a golden yellow in satin silk. If silk is woven in a very fine way, you will get satin which is a flexible fabric that gives a subtle shine. A perfect choice for a chic party or dinner.

A yellow tie is not recommended on serious occasions. Yellow can give you the wrong look in court, at a funeral or during an important consultation. As mentioned, yellow is the colour of the sun. It stands for cheerfulness and a good mood. On serious occasions you better opt for a tie in a dark colour, for example navy blue or burgundy. This way your outfit matches the seriousness you want to radiate.

Yellow tie

Green Tie

Green is the colour of nature and is therefore associated with genuineness, spontaneity and freshness. In addition, green is the colour of hope and peace. It is not without reason that many companies have opted for green in their logo in recent years. The colour green represents a positive future. Men who opt for green ties are generally calm, assured and in harmony with their environment.

Green ties come in countless variations. With a dark green tie start with a plain one, for example in a satin silk version. With the slim-fit neckties there is a beautiful piece in satin silk green: nr 407. If you opt for a dark green tie with a design, proceed with caution. In many cases, such a tie gives a some what old-fashioned look.

Mint and pastel green are bold colours. Provided the ties are well combined, the effect can be surprising. Lime and apple green are modern, trendy colours for ties. In recent years we have seen many lime shade ties. You could wear a lime green tie on a crips, white shirt and complete your outfit with lime green cufflinks.

Green can be worn well in the office. Lime green or apple green ties give a fresh, trendy look. Dark green ties give a more serious look. Always wear a white shirt with a solid green tie. If there is a (dark) blue stripe design, you can also opt for a light blue shirt. Lime green ties are also often chosen as wedding ties. This way, the day guests are recognizable and they all have a contemporary look. A green tie can also be worn during a festive occasion-  choose for a tie in a satin silk version. Satin silk gives the tie a festive shine and has a bit more glamour than, for example, a woven tie with a rib structure.

Green tie

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Orange Tie

An orange tie is a striking and cheerful tie. When you think of the Netherlands, you think of orange. Our royal family has ensured that the colour is indispensable in the Dutch culture.

If you want to stand out, an orange tie is a good choice. Standing out in this sense should be seen as courageous and decisiveness. Indicate that you want to be different and radiate power! Suitable for positive business conversations or other happy occasions, such as weddings and parties. But be warned - an orange tie on very formal occasions such as a job interview is not recommended.

Depending on the occasion you can choose a bright orange or a calm orange tie. A bright orange item is best combined with a calm white shirt. Combined with a dark blue or gray suit this will look great. Where as a tie in pastel orange is a beautiful variant for summer days and can be combined with a white shirt, possibly with a subtle stripe or check. A rusty or terracotta coloured tie can be combined well with a plain white or blue shirt, with or without a line.

Orange tie

Red Tie

The colour red radiates contradictions. Love, hostility, passion, danger, rage, romance... when choosing a red tie carefully consider the occasion for which it is intended.

On a business occasion, a bright red tie indicates power. If you want to opt for a more neutral outfit, combine a burgundy tie with your shirt and suit. Bordeaux radiates warmth and confidence and can be combined well with many shirts and suits. A burgundy tie can look conservative, depending on your tie-shirt combination.

On a festive or non-business occasion, a red tie adds a passionate touch to your outfit. A bright red tie is therefore ideal during festive occasions. If the tie is made of satin silk, it becomes even more festive and is a good choice for Christmas or weddings. For the office, a tie in a subtle rib structure or diamond structure is recommended.

Red tie

Combining a red tie?

A red tie can be perfectly combined with a white shirt and a gray or dark blue suit. A red tie in plain version can also be worn on a shirt with a check or striped design. Make sure that the colours of the tie appear in the colours of the shirt. A bright red tie in particular can give your outfit a busy look, so make sure the look is calm. A striped red tie or a red tie with a pattern can best be combined with a plain white shirt and a suit with no or a subtle pinstripe.

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