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Wedding Ties

A stylish way to add a personal touch to the big day is to have your close relatives and friends wear the same ties. Your most important friends, your best man, the fathers and brothers will look stylish and coordinated when captured on the pictures.

Wedding Ties

What colour Ties?

On Ties4him you will find an extensive range of ties for your wedding. Almost all ties are available in large numbers directly from stock. Also nice: especially for children from about 140 to 160 cm, matching children's ties are available.

Not sure about the colour? Feel free to order multiple colours, it is always possible to return an order. Popular colours are pink, turquoise, lime and light blue. For a great finishing touch, the ties can be matched to the tie of the groom. Choose your guests’ ties a shade darker or lighter than the groom's tie. Is the groom, for example, wearing an aqua coloured tie? Then you could choose turquoise ties for the day guests.

Pocket Squares and Cufflinks

Pocket Squares: elegant, stylish and also trendy. We can supply pure silk squares to match all plain ties. With special wedding cufflinks you can make a generous gesture to your best man, the father of the bride and closest friends. A corsage, flower pin or boutonnière should also not be missing from the groom and the guests suits.

Tie pocket square and cufflinks 

Personalised Wedding Ties

For an unique appearance, the necktie can be customised with the wedding date or the initials of the wedding couple. Ties with logo are also available from 10 pieces.

Personalised Wedding Ties

Which tie knot do you choose for your wedding?

Most men like to tie a full knot with their wedding suit, for example a Double Windsor is a popular groom's knot and is an excellent choice with a wide spread collar. A narrow tie or a knitted tie comes into its own with a Four in Hand Knot, because it gives a more subtle look. If you would like a more charismatic knot, then the Victoria Knot is a good choice. Here you can discover the most popular tie knots.

Wedding tie knot

This is how you choose your tie with your wedding suit!

As a groom you have few accessories to distinguish yourself, so special attention to the tie is certainly appropriate. However, what do you pay attention to when choosing the right tie?

Tie for a wedding

The do's:

  1. First choose your suit, then your shirt, possibly a waistcoat / vest and finally the tie. The tie must complement, not the suit.
  2. Make use of the tips of the sales representative. A good sales representative ensures that the tie is in keeping with your outfit but especially with you as a person.
  3. Which colour do you choose? Will you go for white? Then make sure that you match your tie to the colour of the bride’s dress. Will she be wearing ivory white? Then you will wear an ivory white tie. Has she chosen clear white? Then you should also opt for a tie in exactly the same tint.
  4. Pay attention to the thickness of the tie: too thin is flamboyant. A tie that is too thick, on the other hand, is often stiff and difficult to knot. The tie must feel reasonably full but always nice in the hand. That way you get the nicest knot and it communicates a certain power.
  5. Note the width of the tie. A narrow model is a good choice for men with a slim figure. A skinny tie has a youthful and fashionable appearance and looks great with slim cut suits. Will you opt for a wider model? Then keep a maximum width of 8 cm for a charismatic, contemporary look.
  6. Adjust the style of the tie to your own style. If you are a classic person, choose a classic tie like a dark blue piece with fine white polka dots or a calm striped ton sur ton model. If you want to give your wedding suit a casual touch, then a knitted tie is a good choice. If you are an extrovert person, underline your character with a nicely coloured tie such as fuchsia or violet. If you want to go for the original groom look, opt for a satin ivory tie, possibly with a tone-in-tone design or a quiet gray copy.
  7. Choose the right tie knot. A Double Windsor is not a good choice with a bulky wide tie and a Four in Hand is not a good choice with a wide spread board. Want to know more? Read all about what you should pay attention to when tying a tie.
  8. Are you getting married on a windy day? Then don't forget a tie pin. This not only provides an elegant accent, but ensures that the tie stays in place when you get out of the car or have the wedding photos taken in the park.
  9. Wear a flower pin in your lapel and a pocket square in your breast pocket for an extra festive look.

 Tie bridegroom

The dont's:

  1. Do not just grab a tie from the rack because that is said to be the latest fashion. A tie is a personal accessory, choose a tie that makes you feel comfortable and not the one that you think you should wear.
  2. Have you chosen a busy shirt such as a floral or a coarse striped design? Then avoid ties with strong designs and bright colours.
  3. Do not wear a tie with a design of the same size as your shirt, otherwise there will be no depth in your outfit.
  4. We also recommend not to choose the same tie colour as the colour of your shirt. That way the tie disappears and it doesn't do anything extra for your outfit.
  5. If you have never tied a tie, don't wait with practicing till the last day with a YouTube video. Choose the right knot on time and practice well in advance with an old tie -see our tie knotting section.

Ties for the bridegroomDon't: the tie on the left photo should touch the top of the belt. It is more than 5 cm too short.

The tie is the icing on the cake of your wedding suit, it ensures that your outfit is perfectly finished and feels utterly complete. The groom’s tie is almost comparable to the veil for the bride. The most important thing in making a choice is that you feel comfortable with the tie and that it supports your character and personality, so that you can show the very best version of yourself on your wedding day!

Excellent product; easy to use website and ordering process.
Bob Taylor
A great company to deal with, ties are really good quality, I definitely will be dealing with them again.
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good quality, excellent style and prompt delivery
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I would like to thank you for the prompt service you provided. The men in the group looked amazing and the colour of the ties matched their waistcoats perfectly. Thank you
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The Braces are superb so good I bought another pair, excellent quality, don’t know how I managed to do without them, great items highly recommend
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