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Tie Knots

You have a nice tie, but now it still needs to be tied. We realize that finding out there are more than 80 different ways to knot your tie will not necessarily make you happy. But it is our mission to guide you through the key ways to knot your tie; our comprehensive guide will help you choose the most suitable button that fits your outfit and occasion. Are you a beginner? The most famous knots are the Four in Hand and the Double Windsor. We recommend that you start with these two. The Four in Hand gives a nice narrow, modern knot, suitable for almost all ties. The Double Windsor is a knot with a little more body, ideal for your narrow ties.

The Top 8 Tie Knots

1. Double Windsor (double knot)

  • More info and a clear film: Double Windsor
  • Result: Provides a bold, full knot.
  • Suitable for: normal to thin ties and the best choice for the biggest range. Choose this knot on occasions where you want to stand your ground, it gives your tie a solid, confident look.
  • Difficulty: ***

double windsor

2. Half Windsor (single knot)

  • More info and a clear film: Half Windsor
  • Result: A beautiful, elegant, almost symmetrical knot. In terms of volume, it is in between the Four in Hand and the Windsor.
  • Suitable for: The Half Windsor is a super versatile knot and therefore an essential skill for any tie wearer. It can be worn on any occasion. It creates a modest knot with a thin tie and a full-bodied knot with a sturdy tie.
  • Difficulty: ** (The name says it all, it is half as difficult as the full Windsor. By the way, don't be fooled by its name. In terms of volume it is about three quarters of the double Windsor.)

half windsor2

3. Four in Hand

  • More info and a clear film: Four in Hand
  • Result: a fairly narrow knot that is slightly asymmetrical.
  • Suitable for: We would not recommend a thin tie with this thin knot. So, opt for a slightly thicker and wider tie. The Four in Hand is also the perfect choice for knitted and woolen ties. Do you have a short neck? This knot optically lengthens your neck due to its slim shape.
  • Difficulty: * (Ideal for beginners)

four in hand3

4. Pratt Knot (Shelby Knot)

  • More info and a clear film: Pratt Knot (Shelby knot)
  • Result: A beautiful, distinguished knot with a charming symmetrical shape. Slightly wider than the Four in Hand and somewhat narrower than the Windsor. This knot, when done well, has a smart, flush finish.
  • Suitable for: almost any tie except the extreme breaths -avoid the thinnest and the thickest. Wear it to the office as a variation on the (half) Windsor or Four in Hand and stand out from the crowd.
  • Difficulty: ***


5. Oriental Knot (Simple Knot)

  • More info and a clear film: Oriental Knot
  • Result: A functional basic knot, elegant and refined.
  • Suitable for: Normal to thick ties. Wear it on everyday occasions.
  • Difficulty: * (This knot requires the least steps of all)


6. St Andrew’s Knot

  • More info and a clear film: St Andrews Knot
  • Result: A typical knot with an average volume and a somewhat asymmetrical shape.
  • Suitable for: Virtually all ties but avoid the thicker variants.
  • Difficulty: **

st andrews2

7. Victoria Knot (Prince Albert Knot)

  • More info and a clear film: Victoria Knot
  • Result: Charismatic knot with asymmetrical shape. It has an average volume, comparable to the Half Windsor.
  • Suitable for: Virtually all ties but avoid the thicker variants. Wear it on formal occasions or to a serious meeting.
  • Difficulty: ***


8. Nicky Knot

  • More info and a clear film: Nicky Knot
  • Result: Of medium size and with an apparently symmetrical shape.
  • Suitable for: A very nice knot for all your narrow ties. Wear it to the office or out to dinner.
  • Difficulty: **



Tie Knots

Are you a beginner? Tying a tie requires some practice in the beginning. Once you have the first two knots in your fingers, then you will understand the idea and easily become familiar with the following knots faster and faster. In any case, do not start practicing 2 minutes before leaving, take your time! Stand in front of the mirror with our knot instruction or watch our videos. Tying a tie has never been easier!

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