Double Windsor

We would like to introduce you to the world's most popular tie knot: the Double Windsor. Also, simply called Windsor for short. It gives a beautiful volume and provides a powerful appearance, in short a real statement knot that should be a standard part of your knot tying repertoire.

knot double windsor

Double Windsor Knot:

  • Result: A beautiful, voluminous knot. In terms of shape, it is an elegant, solid triangle.
  • When to wear it? Do you want to ask your boss for a pay rise or finally close that deal with your client? This is the knot for you! It gives you a powerful appearance and helps you, more than a thin knot, to make a convincing impression. The Double Windsor is also a perfect choice for thin or worn ties, it picks them up in no time. Use it for your narrow ties to create a full effect. We would not advise this knot with ties wider than 8 cm.
  • Difficulty: *** (3 out of 5)

The Origin of the Double Windsor

Most people know that this double knot is named after the Duke of Windsor, but what most people don't know is that he never wore the knot himself. The Duke was a fan of thick knots, but he had a different trick for achieving volume. He had his ties made in a high silk binding (dense silk per cm2) with the addition of an extra thick lining. The Duke's nephew, Lord Lichfield, tried unsuccessfully in the 1960s to invalidate the myth by photographing the Duke as he tied his tie.

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