Half Windsor

The Half Windsor (also called Single Windsor / Single Knot) is one of the most popular tie knots worldwide. A Half Windsor has more body than the Four in Hand but less that its big brother the Double Windsor. The term Half Windsor suggests that it would be exactly half the double Windsor, but it is more than three quarters.

knot half windsor

Half Windsor Knots


  • Result: A beautiful, elegant, classic knot. In terms of volume, it is in between the Four in Hand and Double Windsor. It creates a modest knot with a thin tie and a full knot with a sturdy silk tie or woolen tie. It is almost symmetrical.
  • When to wear it? For business: office, meeting, job application. For festive moments: weddings, fancy dinners. For formal events: funerals, graduations... You’ll already have realised: we recommend this knot for all occasions. It teaches you how to tie knots and it gives a modest, less pronounced volume than his bigger brother the Double Windsor. With all types of ties and collar shapes, you will get along well with the Half Windsor. What are you waiting for? Practice makes perfect!
  • Difficulty: ** (2 out of 5)


This tie knot is perfect for creating an elegant oval dimple just below the knot. The French even have a name for this cavity: cuillère (spoon). Especially with wide ties, such a dimple comes into its own. With a narrow tie we recommend not to use this pleat - keep it elegant and simple.

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