Nicky Knot

The Nicky Knot is an underrated knot; you will not often find it in a list of popular tie knots. However, we would like to include it in our selection of knots for you, because it is relatively easy to master, and it truly is everyone's friend. Almost every tie can be tied with this knot and with the Nicky Knot you can look good on all occasions. It is also very easy to take apart; pull the narrow end through your knot and the knot will come unfastened.

knot nicky

Nicky Knots:

  • Result: In terms of size, it is between the Four in Hand and Half Windsor. It seems to be perfectly symmetrical, but technically it is not.
  • When to wear? This versatile knot can be worn with many types of ties, but we think it is especially appropriate for narrow ties. It requires relatively little fabric, so it is certainly suitable for tall men or men with broader, larger build.
  • Difficulty: ** (2 out of 5)

Nicky Knot: Background

In 1989 the Pratt Knot was printed incorrectly in the Daily Telegraph and the Nicky Knot was discovered through this happy mistake. However, it later turned out that it already existed in Italy! The knot is named after the Nicky store in Milan. The owner, Ernesto Curami, even had brochures printed for his customers to explain this knot. The remarkable thing about this knot is that you put the tie around your neck upside down - with the lining to the front (just like with the Oriental Knot).

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