Oriental Knot

If one knot can be designated as the basic knot, then it is the Oriental Knot. A super simple knot that fits perfectly in an instant. Ideal if you have limited time or if you are a beginner in tie knotting. It is extremely popular in China, comparable to the popularity of the Four in Hand knot in the west, which it has a lot in common with.

knot oriental

Oriental Knot:


  • Result: A fine, elegant knot. Fairly thin, but beautiful and balanced in shape.
  • When to wear? Appropriate for every occasion. Very suitable for thick ties, such as knitted and woolen ties. And in an emergency: if your tie is too short, this knot will save the day!
  • Difficulty: * (1 in 5)

Background Information: The Oriental Knot

Not very surprisingly, this basic knot is also known as the Simple Knot. What’s unusual is that you start by hanging this tie around your neck so that the lining hangs forward. This is an uncommon approach, with only 2 of the 8 knots that we have presented to you is this the case. Even after the knot is complete, the “tail” (the narrow part of the tie) remains turned around. The front of the tie is of course worn with the lining to the rear.

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