St Andrew’s Knot

One of our favorite tie knots is the relatively unknown St Andrew’s Knot. We made an effort to give it some of its more deserved recognition, because it is the perfect choice if you cannot pick between the volume of the Half Windsor and the Double Windsor. It is exactly in between! In addition, it gives a great depth to the knot, so you can also make a nice dimple under it with your finger.

knot st andrews

St Andrew’s Knot:

  • Result: It is a bit narrower in shape than the Windsor Knots and a little less asymmetrical than the Four in Hand.
  • When to wear? It is a fairly formal knot, for a night out with friends you might prefer a casual Four in Hand, but in the workplace and ceremonies St Andrew’s Knot is the way to go. It is suitable for all ties with a normal thickness and width.
  • Difficulty: ** (2 out of 5)
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