Victoria Knot (Prince Albert Knot)

The Victoria Knot (Prince Albert Knot) is a charismatic, almost regal knot. It is related to the Four in Hand knot but instead of two the tie makes three turns before being lowered down the middle.

knot victoria

Victoria Knots:

  • Result: Regarding form, it is somewhat the Four in Hand. In terms of volume thought it is thicker than the Four in Hand and more comparable to the Half Windsor. It is somewhat asymmetrical, creating a classic, elegant effect.
  • When to wear? The Victoria Knot is an excellent choice for thin or worn ties. It gives the tie a little bit of pep when it has become thinner through frequent use. But a normal tie can also come into its own with a Victoria Knot, elegant, stylish and robust.
  • Difficulty: *** (3 out of 5)

Victoria Knot: Background

The knot was first documented in 1944 in the Ashley Book of Knots. Sometimes it also gets the name Prince Albert (lover of this beautiful knot) or Double Knot. 

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